Best Pulled Pork Sandwich Ever…and it’s Easy!

Pulled Pork Sandwich

One of the great all-time euphoric eating experiences¬† is a slow cooked, pulled pork sandwich topped with my grandmother’s amazing Cole Slaw. The best thing about this pork recipe is it’s done in a slow cooker. The prep is really simple, the cooking is low and slow (it can be done overnight), and the resulting flavors are really incredible. What I do is, after it’s cooked and pulled, I divide it up into serving size portions (4-5 oz each), wrap each in plastic wrap and freeze them. When I get that unmistakable craving for a pulled pork sandwich, I just pop one in the microwave, top it with some bbq sauce, put it in a steamed bun, slap on some cole slaw and, in minutes, I’m in pulled pork nirvana!

Click here for Cookhacker’s printable recipe.

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