Cheaper and Neater Cooking Oil…another Really Cool Tool

Plastic Squeeze BottleAnother unessential-but-cool-to have tool in the kitchen is the simple plastic squeeze bottle. It’s another one of those diner/restaurant tricks that makes life in the kitchen just a little simpler. Filled with your favorite type of oil, just a quick spritz in a hot pan and you’re ready to sauté. The great thing about it is, not only is it much neater than pouring straight from the container (you know you hate that oil slick that always forms on the bottom of the cabinet it’s stored in) but you can also buy a huge container of oil at a really inexpensive price and just refill your squeeze bottle when needed. This is also great for ketchup. You can buy the 114 oz. restaurant-size container of Heinz at Costco for about half of the cost per ounce of the standard size you find in the supermarket. Simpler, neater and way less expensive…what’s not to like?



2 thoughts on “Cheaper and Neater Cooking Oil…another Really Cool Tool”

  1. Got one that works well with honey….have yet to find a squeeze type bottle, where the cap doesn’t split after a few re fills.
    Any idea where i could find a manufacturer the makes one that oil doesn’t degrade?
    steve grant

  2. Hey Steve…The bottles that I use were purchased in a local restaurant supply and have lasted for years. The secret is not to go for the cheapest or the most expensive, but something mid-range pricewise is usually the best bet…better quality at a reasonable price. If there are no restaurant supply stores in your area, has a nice selection…Tablecraft is a good brand.

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