Best Pulled Pork Sandwich Ever…and it’s Easy!

Pulled Pork Sandwich

One of the great all-time euphoric eating experiences¬† is a slow cooked, pulled pork sandwich topped with my grandmother’s amazing Cole Slaw. The best thing about this pork recipe is it’s done in a slow cooker. The prep is really simple, the cooking is low and slow (it can be done overnight), and the resulting flavors are really incredible. What I do is, after it’s cooked and pulled, I divide it up into serving size portions (4-5 oz each), wrap each in plastic wrap and freeze them. When I get that unmistakable craving for a pulled pork sandwich, I just pop one in the microwave, top it with some bbq sauce, put it in a steamed bun, slap on some cole slaw and, in minutes, I’m in pulled pork nirvana!

Click here for Cookhacker’s printable recipe.

Paper Towel Substitute for Grease Absorption

Instead of using layers and layers of paper towels to absorb grease or water, take a few pages of newspaper and top that with one paper towel. Then put the bacon or whatever you want to degrease on top of the paper towel. The towel absorbs the grease (and keeps the whole deal sanitary) and the grease¬† is then sucked down and absorbed by the underlying newspaper. This not only conserves on paper towels (newspapers are a lot cheaper!), but it’s also is a great way to repurpose old newspaper.