Everyone Loves Mom’s Amazing Pinwheel Cookies

Pinwheel cookiesEveryone loves these cookies…that’s because they can be made to everyone’s taste. The basic recipe is really simple, but the beauty of it is that you can add any filling you like, so everyone gets what they want. From raspberry jam to cinnamon and sugar to chocolatey goodness, no one goes away disappointed…and they not only taste great, but they look incredible. The secret to slicing them into neat, perfectly round cookies before baking is to use dental floss (unwaxed and unflavored…although I guess you could go for a minty floss to accent the chocolate cookies…or not!). Just wrap it around the cookie logs and tighten it as if tying a knot to make a perfect, round cookie.

Please click here for the printable recipe.

2 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Mom’s Amazing Pinwheel Cookies”

  1. These were wonderful! I made one roll with apricot jam & chopped raisins & one with chocolate & chopped hazelnuts. So good–ike a crispy ruggalah!

  2. Hi Marcie…Glad you liked the cookies…I’m going to have to try the chocolate and chopped hazelnut combination..it sounds great (and they are exactly like crispy ruggalah!)

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