Tip of the Day – Just Put Sriracha on Everything!

Sriracha SauceToday’s tip is simple…just put Sriracha sauce on everything you eat to make it better. Of course, you have to like heat, but this condiment is so hot right now (see what I did there?) because it puts a kick (and a ton of flavor) into anything you use it on. It’s available just about everywhere and you can even make it yourself…here is a great recipe from Food52. And, if you need some ideas, here are 100 Sriracha recipes from the folks at EndlessSimmer, 25 more from BonAppetit and one for delicious Sriracha Cilantro Scallion Deviled Eggs from The Garden of Eating…that should keep you busy for awhile!

Sriracha…the Best Red Chile Sauce

Sriracha SauceThis addictive Thai-inspired hot sauce, named after the seaside city of Si Racha, is made from sun-ripened chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. The greatness of this sauce lies in the fact the it isn’t just hot…it has an incredible balance of flavors. Don’t get me wrong…Sriracha (sree-RAH-cha) does deliver some kick-ass heat, but it is also subtly sweet and tangy with great garlic undertones. It’s really versatile and adds flavor to just about any dish, but goes especially well in eggs, salsas, chili, mac and cheese, red beans and rice, and just about all sauces, dips, soups and stews…anything that needs a little, tasty kick.  I always add a couple of squirts to my Tuscan Bean Stew right before serving. It’s available just about everywhere these days, and if you can’t find it in your local supermarket, you can get it here. If you like spicy, you have to give this a try…